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The Welrod was a British bolt action, magazine fed, suppressed pistol devised during World War II at the Inter-Services Research Bureau (later Station IX), based near ...

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The Welrod pistol was a creation of the British special operations community during the middle of WWII. A suppressed pistol was needed to shoot sentries on covert ...

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In the tradition of 'Get Smart' and '007,' here's a wacky weapon that's the 'Real McCoy' - a clandestine shooting gadget that might have come from 'Q's' workshop ...

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Welrod Silenced Gun [Single Shot & Other Pistols]: The Welrod is a rather special gun. A single shot weapon, with a bolt-action mechanism and a silencer (muffler is ...

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Welrod (Assassin's Pistol) - The Welrod appeared in World War 2 for use by special forces and resistance elements..

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The Welrod pistol was a special operations weapon made during WWII by Station XI at Welwyn Garden City near London. It was designed for use by special forces and ...


Index. Intro. S.O.E. Mk.I .32ACP. Mk.II&IIA .32ACP. The Suppressor. Mk.I 9mm Para. Production. Distribution. The U.S. Welrod. The Sleeve Gun. Misinformation ...

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Welrod Suppressed Pistol Another video review by: http://www.GunWebsites.com Read our Gun Websites Blog; http://gunwebsites.blogspot.com Chat with us at GunC...

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The Welrod was a suppressed pistol developed by Britain's Special Operations Executive during World War Two, as a commando, resistance, and special forces weapon.

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Info on the Welrod silenced pistol and its use by the British Special Air Service

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