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The Battle of Sybota took place in 433 BC between Corcyra (modern Corfu) and Corinth, and was, according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between ...

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Sybota is a genus of Uloborid spiders. They are mostly found in the warmer regions of South America.

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Naval Battle of Sybota (433 BCE) - Livius

The Naval Battle of Sybota (433 BCE) A triere : Naval Battle of Sybota: battle between the Corinthians and Corcyraeans, one of the direct causes of the Peloponnesian War

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Battle of Sybota. By Legion Of Hell. The Battle of Sybota was a clash in mid-September 433 BCE. It would be the spark that led up to the deadly Peloponnesian War ...

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Battle of Sybota - 433 B.C. The battle of Sybota was a sea fight between Corcyra and Corinth, and the outcome would soon engulf the entire Greek world in the gruling ...

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