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Nitrobacter is a genus of mostly rod-shaped, gram-negative, and chemoautotrophic bacteria. Nitrobacter plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle by oxidizing ...

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Nitrobacter bacteria play a major role in the nitrogen cycle, mostly by transforming nitrites into nitrates. Take your aquarium , for example: When a new aquarium is ...

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Nitrobacter, especially, is unable to oxidize nitrite to nitrate in the absence of phosphates. Sufficient phosphates are normally present in regular ...

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Nitrification process is carried out by bacteria nitrosomonas and nitrobacter which is normally created in the system and transforms fish tank water ammonia to ...

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Description and significance. Nitrobacter winogradsky can be found living in many soils, natural stones as well as both fresh water and salt water.

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Genus Nitrobacter. Warning: In the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature, an arrow (→) only indicates the sequence of valid publication of names ...

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Full Definition of NITROBACTER 1 cap : a genus of rod-shaped nonmotile bacteria (family Nitrobacteriaceae) occurring in soil, securing energy for growth by oxidizing ...

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